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  Austin city is the capital of the state of Texas. Austin city is the county seat of Travis County. Austin is situated in Central Texas. It is the fourth-largest city in Texas. Austin is the 16th-largest city of U.S.A.Austin city is the third fastest growing large city in the nation. The estimated, population of Austin is 743,074. Austin city is the cultural and economic center. The University of Texas is also situated in Austin. University of Texas is a big institute of Texas state. "Austinites," are those people who is the residents of Austin.Austin is the 5th safest city in the world.Austin is no 1 college town area.Austinites people are like professors,students,politicians,lobbyists,musician,state employers, high tech workers, blue collar workers, white collar workers.Austin airport is known as Austin-Bergstrom International airport. Austin-Bergstrom International airport is five terminals.Austin terminals are use for domestic and international flights. Austin is very beautiful place and many tourists visit in this city. Tourists are very happy to see them.Austin tourism is very common in summer.All over the tourists came for Austin tourism.there are a lot of Austin pubs,Austin disco and Austin bars.Austin pubs,Austin bars and Austin disco are provide drinks and food in all nights and weekends.


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